AE86  Corolla GT-S INFO


1985 - 1986 - 1987



Introduction to the madness/stupidity of being an AE86 owner


If you're new to the AE86 or just recently bought one and want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, read this essay...


Why is the AE86 so special?


Then if you think you've got it all figured out but still want to know what it takes takes to own one of these tin can Corolla's for more than a couple years, read this small small sample of my reality...


The true AE86 owner





Axles - Everything you should ever want to know


Clutch Master cylinders (OEM) - Yes, they're different


Cast plug gaskets - Have dried out pasty coolant around the spark plugs in your 4A-GE?


Flywheels - Swap in a 212mm flywheel to use a larger clutch disc in your AE86


Shifter bushing - Yours probably needs to be do it! Do it now!


ECU training - Maximize the benefits of your modifications


T-VIS - Ever wonder what it is?


Brake Caliper Sliders - How to deal with a very common problem with AE86 brakes


Bench bleeding - BEFORE you install that new brake master cylinder


Flywheel holding tool - Easy way to hold the flywheel so you can remove/install its bolts


Vibrant Header / Oil filter mounting plate - Yes I said Vibrant. It's wonderful, you'll see.



Heating / Cooling


Electric fans - Why removing that engine mounted fan is good


        Water Inlets - Already have an electric fan? Make it work the fool-proof way by using OEM parts!


Heat! - Don't have any heat during those long cold winter months?



Steering / Suspension / Brakes


Clunk or play in your steering? - It's probably time to replace your inner or outer tie rod ends

Still have a clunk or play in your steering and you know it's not from your tie rod ends? - Time for a steering rack preload adjustment!



JDM AE86 Front Bumper Comparison - A nice way to compare the two Trueno variations


FX-16 GT-S Sideskirts on an AE86 - Not perfect, but not bad


Grille - Have a JDM Zenki bumper? What grille are you going to use?


Japanese parts from a Toyota dealer - Want to buy Japanese market parts from your local Toyota dealer? Please read this first.


Trueno emblem - Secure it, or lose it!


OEM Wing comparison - For all you Coupe owners


Filling rear wheel arches - Remove those mouldings and clean up those arches!


Corner dent repair - I've seen MANY AE86's with this damage, so here's how I fixed it


Rusty fuel door area repair - The most aggressive and creative body work project I've tackled yet



Tips and Tricks



Suction cup camera mount - An affordable digital camera mount for use in your car!


Ever wonder how the AE86 oil pressure gauge worked? - Turns out you can adjust it


Power Steering hose bracket - Have a leaky power steering pump hose?


Hot Air Intake (?!) - Ah yes, a true Canadian invention





Tekniq Snap-Off  hub - A quality detachable steering wheel hub



Things I may eventually write about if I ever find the time...


JDM bumpers (OEM) - There's more to them than just good looks


Painting - With the right equipment you can do a lot


Zenki/Kouki differences - updated parts are good...and bad


SR5/GT-S differences - Very different



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