Cold      Air Intake





I really should have waited to reveal pictures until the documents came back from the patent office, but what the hell, I trust they will arrive long before someone else can figure out the genius of my design!






Although I can't say the actual benefits surpass the pure comical nature of this ridiculous mod, the whole point is to attempt to gain better fuel economy in freezing winter temperatures by feeding the engine HOT air produced by radiant heat from the exhaust manifold. At around -30C, I can lose up to 25% of my fuel economy, so for the $10 I spent on the furnace tubing I figured it would be worth a shot. I meant to do this months earlier when I was driving in excess of 1000 km a week (commuting to get to my job), but better late than never. Besides, I've always wanted to say "I've got a hot air intake". HA!


Wow. I'm so smart it's hard to sleep at night.




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