FX-16 GT-S Side Skirts on an AE86


Tracking down OEM AE86 sideskirts can be next to impossible, especially if you're on a budget like most AE86 enthusiasts. The FX series Corolla's, based on the AE82 chassis (Toyota's first FWD Corolla) was sold in the US from September 1986 to September 1988. The FX-16 GT-S featured an interior and exterior package, which included sideskirts. The regular FX and FX-16 did not have sideskirts...so that makes these things somewhat rare as well, but it's still easier than finding real AE86 skirts.




These are 3-piece skirts. The front and rear corner pieces, with a long center piece that runs under the door. For the AE86, the front and center sections fit almost as if they were made for the car. The rear corner piece is the most difficult to fit because the AE82 rear wheel arch must be at a different angle and a portion covers the corner of the door. With a little persistence and careful cutting and filing, they'll fit quite well in the end.


The best thing about these skirts is that they're made of THICK ABS plastic. In other words, they're next to unbreakable. If mounted properly, you will never have to worry about them falling off the car or being kicked off by your inconsiderate passengers ;)


Mounting hardware


For mounting, I didn't want to go cheap. If you want something to last and to make the best of your invested time and money, you have to do quality work from the beginning to the end. I picked up a bag full of stainless steel metal screws from Home Depot. They were the ones you have to pull out of those little bins and get charged for each one. I also picked up a bunch of stainless steel washers to sandwich the skirts between the screws and the side of the car.


For the end pieces, the best I could find were called "stove bolts". A kind of mushroom-shaped threaded screw that comes with a nut. With the washers, these work great when attached through the OEM mudflap holes on either end of the car.


For added moisture resistance and cleaner look, I picked up the button-like screw caps from the Home Depot bins as well. These nylon caps sandwich the head of the screws and after everything is installed, they simply clip onto each one, completely covering the head of the screw.



MigsFX16SideSkirtsCutting02.jpg (286115 bytes)    MigsFX16SideSkirtsCutting03.jpg (259869 bytes)

These are the front pieces, the one on the right is unmodified, while the one on the left has a small notch to fit the AE86 front fender flare

MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall01.jpg (174887 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall02.jpg (155298 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall03.jpg (157534 bytes)

Not bad...not bad



MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall04.jpg (154379 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall05.jpg (258909 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall06.jpg (115780 bytes)   

MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall07.jpg (148184 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall08.jpg (173992 bytes)

MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall11.jpg (141659 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall12.jpg (159263 bytes)

Here's that tricky rear corner piece. Notice that the part that runs up the rear arch has been cut, and that a piece of the skirt must also be removed for door clearance purposes. I could have used a file to remove the piece for the door, but I wanted to keep the removed piece in case I found a way to attach it to the corner of the door in the future.


The center section also has to be shortened slightly for the right overall length of the skirts.


MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall09.jpg (166812 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsInstall10.jpg (167700 bytes)   


Before and after shots...


MigsFXSideSkirtsFinished01.jpg (243320 bytes)    MigsFXSideSkirtsFinished02.jpg (261410 bytes)


Finished product

The skirts really tie in with the front lip of the N.A. bumpers and give the car a more aggressive and lowered appearance



Cruising pic with the Kouki bumper


The notch for the door is noticeable but I'm sure something could be done to fill in the gap. I'm not worrying too much about it, because I've got a set of OEM skirts now instead.

Good luck!


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