Wiring an electric fan in an AE86 (auto turn-on)




A HUGE thanks goes to "Narfy" from Dori-Kaze for passing on the info about the AE92 GT-S water inlet.


After some investigating (since AE92 GT-S's aren't all that common), I discovered that AE82 inlets will also work. This is very good because AE82's are extremely common! (1984-1987 FWD Corolla's w/4AC engines)


This info can be used in conjunction with my "Electric fan install" info


Here is the run down...


AE86's are equipped with an engine mounted, mechanically driven cooling fan from the factory. Therefore, if you remove that fan in favor of an electric unit, you have to come up with some way to power it.


The water inlet/thermostat housing from an AE82 (84-87 FWD Corolla w/4AC) and the AE92 GT-S fits the AE86 GT-S, and as such provides an in-line OEM thermo-switch to activate any installed electric fan. The AE86 water inlet doesn't have a thermoswitch because...well...it wouldn't need one since the fan that came with the car is driven by the engine.


By using the AE82/AE92 inlet, your electric fan will turn on and off automatically depending on the temperature of your coolant, and without the need to install some finicky aftermarket switch that could end up leaking due to flaws in their designs.



Please note!!

You will also need the rubber thermostat gasket seen in the below diagrams as # 16325 in order to use either inlet on an AE86.





The Toyota P/N for the AE92 GT-S water inlet is: 16321-16030 as pictured below:




The Toyota P/N for the AE82 (FWD 84-87 Corolla w/4AC) water inlet is: 16321-15010 as pictured below:






Wiring - Making use of the water inlet


  • If you end up using the OEM thermoswitch, it will require the use of one or two relays since the unit is N.C. (normally closed). This is how I currently have my electric fan working in my hatchback.


Any more info you can add? Let me know!







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