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NexxTech/Radio Shack Suction Cup Tripod


I've wanted a way to film my drifting runs and other shenanigans with my car for quite some time, especially after I finally bought a quality digital camera. I never really did much research into buying an in-car mount or anything of the like, but from what I have seen, they seem to be quite expensive. I wasn't keen on having to bolt anything into my car either. I just wanted a simple setup to use every now and then, and certainly nothing that you'd think NASA helped develop.


A good friend who works at the North Hill  Radio Shack in Calgary spotted this for me. A suction cup mounted camera tripod, perfect for use with a car and a digital camera. Construction quality seems to be quite solid, and the best part is it's low price...only $19.99 CAN!


*Note that the only Radio Shack I've managed to find this unit is specifically at the Calgary North Hill Radio Shack location. I've tried locations in Ontario and others in Calgary, but no luck, so you may have to order it in. You can do this by going to the Radio Shack website and searching for "tripods" or by clicking HERE





I'm not sure if I'd trust a $20 mount to hold my $400 camera on the OUTSIDE of the car, but from a couple initial tests, it'll do just fine inside. The only downside is that because it's such a compact unit, in-car videos will have to be shot with the camera upside down to get the desired filming angle. This isn't much of a problem since most video editing programs allow you to rotate media files during the editing process.



These are a couple screen shots with the camera mounted first on the windshield, then on the rear window just to serve as an example of what you'll be able to film:


Med-resolution shot from windshield    Low-resolution shot from middle of rear-window




Now...start taking some vids!


- Migs



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