AE86 Shifter Bushing


Huge difference in shifter feel. Shifts are much more smooth and rigid than before. I finally replaced mine in the hatchback, and I can really "feel" how the shifter now clicks into each gear. At higher speeds it also vibrates at a much smoother "hummmmm" instead of the "rough rattling" I'm used to feeling when I put my hand on it.


Replacing the bushing is very easy. You simply have to remove the center console around the shifter boot, remove 4 10mm bolts, remove 4 12 mm bolts, pull the shifter, pop off the old bushing, pop the new one on...then put everything back together. If you break the gasket when removing the shifter from the tranny, you may want to have a new OEM one ready to install, or have some of that blue sealant/gasket maker stuff handy.

  • For extra help, the Toyota part number is 33548-14010 and I think it runs something like $5-10 CAD

Just so you know, my old bushing was completely deformed and had a fair amount of play (you could wiggle it on the end of the shifter). The new one pops on incredibly tight and will make no movement aside from rotating.




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