AE86 GT-S axle information


Differences between axles produced for the AE86 GT-S


 Axle Type*

 LSD or Open Diff

 Production Dates





August 84 to October 85

with 2



Open Diff

August 84 to October 85

with 1**




October 85 to July 87

with 4



Open Diff

October 85 to July 87

with 3**

*Zenki = early model/1985, Kouki = late model/1986-87

**Axles must be shortened by 5-8 mm for use with OEM LSD, see below


Side by side comparison of early and late model AE86 GT-S axles

Notice how the '85 axles taper out twice from the top, while the '86/87 axles taper out only once




Here's another way I've learned to tell the axles apart.

Check out the ends of the axles and compare them to my diagram above.


YES, *I* found this out on my own. Now if this info has helped you, send me stuff. Money and other shiny things are welcome.




Cutting Axles


Non-LSD axles CAN BE SHORTENED to be used as LSD axles for the corresponding year. 

I have done this numerous times for application with both of my LSD's as well as those of my friends. An angle grinder with a cut-off disc will have the job done within a minute or two. Keep in mind you only need to remove approx. 5-8mm off the end of each axle, and after you make the cut, be sure to taper the end so it looks just like it did before you cut it.


Here's Don, a Toyota shop foreman cutting my first set of axles in 2001. I've been doing it myself ever since.



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