Nokian Tyre Test and Compare Event



For this small event, Nokian basically paid to use a part of the frozen lake here in Barrie as a comparison testing area for not only their tires, but the tires of competitor brands as well. One day we did braking distances, and another was basically a skid pad aka "power-circle" all on the incredibly uneven frozen lake surface.


For vehicles we had a Hemi-powered Durango, a Caravan, and a base model Camry. Two professional drivers drove the cars, while a film crew handled everything to do with recording the event. My co-workers and I were there to keep things working smoothly however we could.










Yes. What you see here is my friend and co-worker Steve being pulled over on a frozen lake, by Police on my car. Smile for the camera, guys!


The vids are great...


Vid 1: Who are these guys?


Vid 2: Steve is my hero







Steve later decided to start covering my car in snow, so about 30 mins later, the back of my hatchback looked like a mobile snowbank.


Check this vid: Mobile AE86 snowbank







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