The "NEW" Coupe

June 7th, 2007


The new coupe arrives...


Funny how I never really have to look for these cars. They always find me. All I have to do is think about what it is I want, and it kinda appears right around the time I need it to.


Those Gods of Oldschool must really think I'm a swell guy.


Levin Coupe, anyone? Sounds like a neat winter car to me.





September 2007 Update:


Well, I just spent a week changing the head gasket in the new Coupe. Took apart the head, cleaned the head, cleaned all the valves, changed the valve seals. lapped the valves...yada yada


I put it all together and the car runs like a champ now.


The next thing I decided to do was to quickly strip off the obvious body filler on the rear arches...






The driver's side rear arch was exactly what I expected to find. Body filler used over bare metal to fill in the original lip. It rusted away, along with the bottom of the trunk pocket. I've fixed stuff like this before, so it's no big deal....






The passenger side is not what I expected. I knew I had to do a little welding to replace a small section of rusted out chassis/frame...but I had no idea just how deep the rust had gone. I couple strong pulls with my fingers and the small hole turned into the gaping black nebula you see below...




Well that just sucks.


I don't really have the time to screw around with more rust repair, even though I know I could get it fixed up.


Someone want to buy the car?






















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