The Painting

The picture below was taken during the road trip my girlfriend and I went on in late 2005. The scene shows my hatchback with San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge in the background during a beautiful November evening. The red reflection running along the passenger side of the car came from the coincidence of a car slowly passing by with it's brakes being applied.


Getting a picture like this alone made me pretty happy...but nothing could have prepared me for the Christmas gift that my girlfriend had made for me...





I couldn't believe it when I saw it...and I really was speechless...







This panting was completed by an artist from Ontario Canada who spent over 40 hours meticulously recreating every detail of the original photograph. Apparently this is only the second car she has ever painted, and after doing so, she said she finally realized the extent of her talent. I couldn't have said it better myself!




Thank you, Christine. This is truly one of the most incredible presents I've ever received.







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