The Coupe


One of the few pictures I have of my Coupe when it was in its prime.

JDM OEM Zenki bumper w/lip, replica OEM sideskirts, 15x7 Riken wheels, JDM OEM Coupe wing, OEM LSD, BLACK Apex'i N1 muffler

...and the best of all, the infamous spray-painted hood.


This was my baby, my first AE86. It was driven, drifted, jumped, crashed, raced, pulled apart, reassembled, killed, maintained, modified, repaired, and me. This car was the foundation upon which I created this web site, helped establish Dori-Kaze, and the diving board that sent me plunging into the world of the AE86 in the first place. Hard to imagine I went to see it almost by mistake while searching for a new car...


As of October 2005, I regret to say that the Coupe has been sold. This is a decision I should have made years ago since I hadn't driven it for over 2 years. Due to school and the attention needed by my hatchback I simply had no time to use it. Luckily however, the Coupe has gone to a friend who was in dire need of a solid and reliable GT-S, so I'm happy that it will be enjoyed by someone who appreciates it as it should. I should also add that selling this car paid for the majority of the paint job for my hatchback. So far...I'm very happy with my decision.


Long live the Coupe.










The Coupe when I bought it in December 1999

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