1971 Toyota Corona Mark II 1900 Hardtop


Here's an original ad that is now framed and hanging on a wall in my bedroom


Inside cover of Time Magazine: January 1971 issue


It came from the inside cover of the January 1971 issue of Time magazine



 I've wanted to have my very own "classic" or true "oldschool" car for as long as I can remember, and I think I found what I was looking for...without actually looking for it. In the late 60's Toyota wanted to create a vehicle which was upscale and moderately luxurious, yet at the same time sporty and youthful. The result came in a two door version of their popular Corona, with the added designation of "Mark II".


Have a look at some of the car's unique features. Rear quarter windows that roll down (remember, this is a two-door), and front quarter windows that roll out. A side-scrolling speedometer in MPH only. A fuel tank filler that hides under a sprung flip down license plate. An original metal oil filler cap with the classic Fujitsu Ten logo on top. Wrap-around chrome bumpers, and a slanted front end, completely hiding the headlights and grille when viewed from the side.


This car has now been SOLD!


I'm very happy I had the pleasure of owning and driving such a beautiful piece of Toyota history and I'm confident the new owner will give it the love and attention I simply couldn't afford due to my other commitments.


- Migs




Winter fun in the Corona!


This is a little vid of one of the first times I ever drove the car






want a GIF version? click here



Here's something which really stands out in my collection of automotive memorabilia. It's random to say the least...



It came from a seller in Australia. It was the only automotive-related stamp he was selling at the time, and I've personally never seen anything like it (especially so big!).

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