AE92 parts car

What are the odds?

Why does this happen whenever I'm NOT looking for another car or more parts?


So I'm driving through my neighborhood on the way back home. I had noticed back in October that there was a silver AE92 GT-S that had moved into the area and was routinely parked on the side of one of the roads near my place. Once again I can see it up ahead as I'm about to pass. Something catches my eye as I get closer...the GT-S is there, but behind it is a VW Fox with a completely smashed front end. I don't think much of it as I go by, but just before it's out of sight, I get a glimpse of the side of the Corolla...


"...waaaaait a minute..."


I turn around and find what you can see in the first picture up on the left. A smashed Corolla and a smashed Fox, both in the very same spot where the Corolla has always been parked before. It's as if an accident happened right there with both cars, but...why are they just sitting there as if nothing happened?


I take a quick look around and inside the Corolla. I was almost surprised not to see any blood or sign of bodily damage inside the car. The door was pushed nearly a foot into the driver's seat!


Because the impact pulled the door jam inward, I could actually read the VIN tag on the door. Produced in 11/89. Nifty. 89...sooo it's nothing too special. I was reading the tag upside down so I didn't put any further thought into it. After snapping a couple shots I was on my way.


Needless to say I was quick to find the owner, going back and knocking on house doors that evening. A very miffed old lady told me that the Corolla belonged to the people two houses down. She sounded as if she didn't like having a junkyard in front of her house. How odd.


I spoke with the family of the car's owner, and the next day he calls me up. An hour later, the car was sitting in my driveway.


I really need to stop doing this.


Oh by the way...did you guess what mistake I made? I really wish I hadn't just pulled apart a certain Geo Prizm GSi way the hell out in Ontario. Yeesh.



- Migsy


December 23, 2005



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