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TRD LSD testing

This is one of my first drifting attempts after I installed my 2-way TRD LSD. It definitely took some getting used to since keeping the rear end out was now so much easier! The TRD kept the rear end out as it should, and let me put more focus on driving the right line.


You can hear the reactions of the spectators in this one...


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TRD Test Run



Sliding with DriftNation

Unfortunately DriftNation, Canada's first ever drifting organization no longer exists. But for the short time it existed, I managed to enjoy myself!


This a small gymkhana course that was setup near the end of DriftNation's first drifting event of the year. It was one of the first times I had really pushed my low mileage OEM LSD on dry pavement, but I was very happy with the results.


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DriftNation practice course



The Famous 300C rental car vids


For my 23rd birthday I rented a Chrysler 300C.

This is the 340hp RWD mad man car which is essentially a Mercedes E Class in a different shell.

Needless to say, I love it.


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This is my favorite vid...and when you watch it, remember that I MEANT to do the 180! If you look closely, I even wave at the camera when I slide by in mid-spin.


Ye olde Corona Dorifto


Some of you may remember the '71 Corona I had for a short while. I'm sorry to say the project never really happened and I had to give the car up, but I think this vid alone makes all the trouble I went through worthwhile.


Keep in mind this is one of the first times the car had been driven in about 10 years or so...


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Migs Corona Drift



Sideways down the Highway

just watch how the front end of the car suddenly starts pointing to the ditch...


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Weeee HWY slide




The RS*R Drift Festival vids


Here are some vids from the event I competed in during the RS*R Drift Festival in Chicago, September 2004


No rear brakes and completely off ignition timing I'll be damned, I must have managed to do something right because I came in 5th place out of 30 others with much more powerful and modified cars!



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Migs' vids





Competition Runs





Adam's vids






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