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Rule of thirds


I really like this photograph because it gives a mood I'm not used to seeing in my own pictures. Thick clouds have consumed the sky, fog has settled into the distance, and the water seems dark and troubled. The woman in the foreground looks on as if waiting for something to happen...but we don't know what...



Foreground to background

I chose this composition technique as I'm always fascinated how the proper positioning of objects and the right circumstances can produce a scene with what seems like an endless view of the current surroundings, or a story that has an ending you can't possibly foretell.


In this particular photograph taken in New York City, not only do you feel small but almost trapped between the rows of buildings closing in on either side. With the help of the cars and the lines on the road in the foreground, followed by the varying heights, designs, and spacing of the buildings running down the street, it's as if it could go on forever.




Take Chances

I love taking chances whenever I take pictures. I've learned in the past that every now and then one will turn out so good that it will make all the other "not-so-good" ones seem well worth the trouble and the risk.


This photo, taken at Niagara Falls, is one of the best "chances" I've ever taken. The tree in the picture caught my eye instantly, and would have made a great subject for a photograph on it's own given it's strange and disjointed form. By getting my friends to join the picture and having them portray the stance of the tree, with their hands mimicking it's bare branches, the mood is instantly uplifted and a truly unique scene is produced.




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